We invest in leading businesses managed by world class executives. We empower those management team partners to execute their vision while offering our expertise to help navigate market shifts, technology evolution and competitive pressures.

L Squared Overview

L Squared seeks to make long-term investments in leading growth companies that operate in targeted sectors: Technology-Enabled Services, Industrial Technology, and Education.

We have over 70 years of collective experience investing in rapidly growing companies.

Our unique investor base of family offices enables us to focus on long-term value creation driven by revenue and earnings growth, not financial engineering. We build flexible capital structures around each investment.

We empower our management team partners to execute their vision while playing a collaborative role to help address the challenges that rapidly growing businesses encounter.

Investment Criteria

Investment Types Buyout, recapitalization and founder liquidity events
Target Sectors Tech-Enabled Services
Industrial Technology
Education Technology
Target Revenue Size $15 – $100 million
Target EBITDA Size $3 – $25 million
Equity Investment Size $30 – $100 million
Target Company Growth Profile At least 15% per year
Geography Anywhere in North America
Ownership Majority preferred

Our Industries

L Squared targets leading companies with attractive growth dynamics, high margins and cash flow, quality revenue streams, a strong and defensible market position and high operating leverage.